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Chris Hedges "Fascism in the Age of Trump"

By Mackubin Thomas Owens. This interesting work is not exactly a memoir, but rather a reflection on war, the military, and national-security law in our time. By David Beckworth.

By Jay Nordlinger. By Ross Douthat. Finally, in these torpid August weeks, a good summer movie. By Richard Brookhiser.

By NR Editors. The Long View.

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By Rob Long. By James Lileks. People on Twitter were listing their first seven jobs. It would be harmless, except nothing is harmless.

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Everything is awful. By Jane Scharl.

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Happy Warrior. By Daniel Foster. Gawker is dead.

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The Christian Right and the War on America

Probably not. Should it? The Saudi regime is, to be plain about it, detestable. It is wildly corrupt and horrifyingly repressive, it tangles together sundry absolutisms and fanaticisms religious, nationalist, They're facing charges. By Zachary Evans. Unfortunately for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the results will make it extremely difficult for him to form a coalition, putting his long-running tenure By Kyle Smith. The campaign against Brett Kavanaugh can be summarized in one word. He is or was a bro. A bro is a highly masculine, at times loutish jock, very possibly a privately educated one.

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  • Chris Hedges: American Fascists.

They disseminate their ideas on the alternative broadcast networks and through their own publishers and schools. Their intellectual leaders demand the complete dismantling of the secular state; their followers have been roused to a fever pitch of resentment and despair. Describing themselves as true patriots, they wrap themselves in the flag - but all it might take, writes veteran journalist and Harvard Divinity School graduate Chris Hedges, is one more national crisis of the order of September 11 for the Christian Right to seize power and reveal themselves for what they really are - the American heirs to Fascism.

Includes bibliographical references p.

American fascists : the Christian Right and the war on America

Bush, Christian Right, Christians, conversion process, converts, creationism, democracy, Democratic Party, dominionism, education system, elections, Darwins theory of evolution, fundamentalism, homosexuality, Islam, Jesus, Jews, lesbians, liberalism, love, male church leaders, cult of masculinity, secular media, moral certitude, Nazism, Rhetoric of persecution, poverty, racism, Rapture, Republican Party, Pat Robertson, Satan, science, secular humanism, sin, televangelists, terrorism, totalitarian movements, Trinity Broadcasting Network, universities, Ur-Fascism, war, women, etc Faith -- The culture of despair -- Conversion -- The cult of masculinity -- Persecution -- The war on truth -- The new class -- The crusade -- God: the commercial -- Apocalyptic violence.

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