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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Wave Propagation and High Frequency Signal Transmission across Contact Interfaces Abstract: The resistance and capacitance of typical multi-point contact interfaces have been used to assess the impact on high frequency signal integrity. Previous work has reported that the impedance of degraded contact interfaces can affect high frequency signals.

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Previous work has also related how a contact interface can be treated as a circuit element consisting of a contact resistance in parallel with an effective contact capacitance. It was also stated that further refinement of this technique would help quantify high frequency effects from the multi-point contact impedance. This paper further extends the response of the contact interface to higher frequencies. Specifically, the paper includes research into the relationship of wave propagation relative to contact interface physics.

Wave Propagation in Layered Anisotropic Media, Volume 39

Both transmission line parameters and field effects are used to study the impact of contact geometry and degradation on wave propagation. These effects are quantified and reported in this paper. Moreover, time domain data integrity analysis is used to further qualify the results. It is believed that this study helps provide a basis for further work relating the significance of contact degradation to effective transfer of high-speed packet data.

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January - May Symplectic geometry, Lie groups and algebras, quantization. December - July PhD in Physics, Brown University, Calculus of variations, partial differential equations. September - March PhD in Mathematics, University of Zurich, PhD in Mathematics, University of Crete, Harmonic analysis, discrepancy theory, discrete Hilbert transforms. Discrete dynamical systems. September - June PhD in Physics, University of Amsterdam, Geometric mechanics, nonholonomic mechanics, variational mechanics, vakonomic mechanics. February - February Dynamical systems, Aubry—Mather theory.

November - February Contact geometry, symplectic geometry.

November - September PhD in Mathematics, University of Bologna, Symplectic geometry. Representations of groupoids, geometric quantization, K-theory. PhD in Mathematics, Univ. Maryland, Partial differential equations, variational methods. December - November Algebraic topology and algebraic geometry. November - December Noncommutative geometry, spectral triples, standard model of particle physics, K-theory.

ssllabel-api.wecan-group.com/hicor-la-mejor.php October - July Nonlinear partial differential equations, stochastic partial differential equations, differential geometry, harmonic analysis, numerical methods. Operator algebra K-theory, noncommutative geometry, coarse geometry, Baum-Connes conjecture. Setember - July PhD in Physics, Katholieke Univ. Nijmegen, Holland, String theory, conformal field theory, topological string theory, geometric quantization, matrix models. March - May PhD in Mathematics, University of Warwick, Birational geometry, commutative algebra, computer algebra methods in algebraic geometry, algebraic surfaces, unprojection.

January - September Poisson geometry, Lie groupoids and algebroids, representation theory.

January - January Semilinear abstract parabolic equations. PhD in Mathematics, Dartmouth College, Spectral theory, geometry of orbifolds and Riemann surfaces.


Algebraic combinatorics, matrix theory. August - July PhD in Mathematics, Stanford University, Symplectic and contact geometry. July - November Dynamical systems. May - April April - May PhD in Mathematics, Nottingham University, Quantum topology, quantum groups, knot theory, applications of categorical groups to low dimensional topology.

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January - August Symplectic geometry, discrete mathematics. January - June Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis. December - December PhD in Mathematics, Columbia University, Algebraic groups, symplectic geometry. September - July Dynamical systems, dimension theory, ergodic theory. Doctor in Mathematics, University of Barcelona, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

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