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An upper gastrointestinal series must be performed in all patients with incomplete intestinal obstruction because management is different in each case.

Imaging in rectal cancer: What is mandatory for optimal staging?

In low intestinal obstruction, ultrasonography US may help differentiate between small bowel obstruction and colonic obstruction. In addition, US can help correctly identify meconium ileus and meconium peritonitis and is useful in the diagnosis of enteric duplication cysts.

CT Imaging of Large Bowel Wall Thickening

In malrotation and anorectal anomalies, computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance MR imaging can provide superb anatomic detail and added diagnostic specificity. Intestinal duplications manifest as an abdominal mass at radiography, contrast enema examination, or US. Affected patients frequently present with non-specific symptoms and often the first radiologic test that they undergo is computed tomography CT.

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By virtue of its ability to directly image pathologic changes in the colon wall, serosa, surrounding mesentery and peritoneum, CT can provide crucial information for accurate diagnosis and prompt management. In patients with perianal fistulas, magnetic resonance imaging MRI is the preferred imaging technique, as the combination of high intrinsic contrast resolution and large field of view provides detailed information on the presence and extent of the disease. CT-colonography CTC is valuable for the detection of colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyps.

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - Qscan

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Bowel wall thickening at CT: simplifying the diagnosis

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