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I feel like I've read this book before. I didn't read enough of it to say anything more. Started out with promise. Turned to literal shit, with the actual interesting parts of the plot being drowned by all the fucking love interests. Adelaide is not a loveable or even admirable character. She's a very easy character to hate, which is not okay considering you, as the reader, are supposed to root for her.

Vikram's personality fizzled out. From cool Mr Rebel Leader to some distant, bland love interest.

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The pacing was beyond slow, like, half the shit that happened and was described Started out with promise. The pacing was beyond slow, like, half the shit that happened and was described did fuck all to move the story in any direction aside from down - deeper into a cesspool of filler.

Nearing the end, the chapters and sentences themselves lost meaning. So many obscure metaphors, not enough cohesive thought processes. Just words minced together through some random generator. Oh god, this book pissed me off. Occasionally derivative, shades of China Mieville, I thought, maybe even a little bit of Philip K Dick , but nicely written, with some wonderful world building.

A city of glass, towers above the endless ocean.

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There are a lot of secrets in Osiris, an urban fantasy-come-SF novel with a political slant — how does the world treat its refugees? Written from the point of view of two characters - rich, spoiled, thoroughly dislikeable Easterner Adelaide, and oppressed Easterner-woobie, Vikkram - Osiris is a tale of two cities, the slick, rich, glossy East and the abandoned West, home to refugees from the rest of the ruined Earth.

Osiris is slow to get going, the characters take a while to truly grow, but as it all begins to come together, as you come to know the — well rounded, shades-of-grey, very believable — characters, it becomes hard to put down. Osiris was a dream that turned to dust, but then what kind of dystopic post-apocalyptic book would we have if everything did not go to hell? In this world storms and well everything really turned the world to a wasteland and Osiris was a refuge for some. The rest of the world is dead.. I wanna know!! I guess I have to wait until book 2 for that. But this Oasis is not a happy place.

There are citizens who have it all, and then refuges behind a wall who has nothing and f Osiris was a dream that turned to dust, but then what kind of dystopic post-apocalyptic book would we have if everything did not go to hell? There are citizens who have it all, and then refuges behind a wall who has nothing and freeze to death. The perfect setting to cause some conflict. Especially since our heroine is a spoiled rich girl and the hero a poor Westerner.

The premise is interesting. A city eating itself, but some being to close-minded to see it. A world where I wonder if anyone is alive in the world? Because the rich have secrets. The characters are not exactly lovable. Adelaide is rich and spoiled, and obsessed with finding her lost brother. Vikram on the other hand is nice, but maybe a bit naive. Sometimes you just have to storm the barricades. But they grow on you.

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Osiris has a pace of it's own, it moves slowly, like a dream. And when it ends I do wonder, what's next?

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I enjoyed it. Dec 21, Traci Loudin added it Shelves: read , female-authors , own-ebook , apocalyptic.

The Story of Osiris

A unique world, where the city itself is a character. Told from two points of view. While this does work as a standalone, the ending felt curiously unresolved to me, as though the events in the book might be doomed to repeat over and over. Not to mention the fact that view spoiler [Adie never does find her brother hide spoiler ].


The Osiris Project: Osiris : Book One of the Osiris Project by E. J. Swift (2012, Hardcover)

As someone who doesn't enjoy reading romance, I appreciated that the relationships were kept tightly controlled as subplots. It's one of the few books I've read brave e A unique world, where the city itself is a character. It's one of the few books I've read brave enough to resolve the love interests this way, where view spoiler [the girl doesn't get either guy hide spoiler ]. Mar 09, Ella Drake rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction , dystopian , romantic-elements.

Vividly portrayed in a stirring dystopian, Osiris is a futuristic island society with sharp divisions of wealth and basic rights. The possibilities of this future world are haunting, and the realistically drawn characters bring it to life Jan 30, Bruce rated it it was ok. Once I realized it was a romance novel masquerading as sci fi, I gave up. Jun 17, Eden marked it as to-read. This one sounds interesting.

Plus that cover! Love everything about it--the composition, the light fading through the middle, the vertical landscape, the scale. May 28, Kathryn Waldron rated it it was ok. So after downloading the beginning of Osiris, I found myself enjoying it, but not really getting into it enough to actually shell out some dough and stop being tight. Fast-forward a couple of years and I see the book in the local Book Cycle, a place where you can donate some money and just walk away with books.

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  7. Osiris is the last city on Earth, a Utopian experiment battered by extreme weather and climate change so badly that it functions improperly, the East maintaining an acceptable standard of living for its inhabitants and the West containing refugees and the brutalised poor, kept out of the East and at bay by a ring fence and patrolling Home Guard who show no mercy when it comes to keeping the borders tight. The story revolves around two characters; one a hedonistic celebrity and member of an illustrious family, the other a politicised refugee. Adelaide is the granddaughter of the Architect, founder of the city, searching for her missing twin, whom she believes alive and possibly held by her family as part of an elaborate cover-up.

    Vikram on the other hand, uses Adelaide and her connections to gain audience with the City Council, on which her family sit, to plead for aid for the West. Swift has a knack of drip-feeding just the right amount of information to enable you to hate some of her characters, by which I mean their motives are obviously driven by things much more complex than you, the reader are privy to.

    You can hate Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, but you will never know the full journey of how they came to arrive at their beliefs. It is remarkably done, and leads to you hating the actions of both Easterners and Westerners as their own concerns impede the actions of both Adelaide and Vikram. In short, the novel barrelled along, the dialogue and scenes were crisp and the characters multi-layered and involved.

    I will be purchasing the sequel s , in full price, and will not be so tight in future. Twenty attempts to read this. The story is quite peculiar and dry in some places. Constantly was interested and bored while reading. Jan 19, Mike Franklin rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction. Not a very auspicious start and for that reason I have been putting reading this off for some time now. But, thank goodness, she avoided this and has produced a very good post-apocalyptic, dystopian thriller which, despite my fears, never becomes a romance.

    I do have one other major complaint though: [rant] Why oh why do SF authors start inventing ridiculous new words for already established and comfortably named bits of technology. Certainly our words for things are going to change over time but most changes are likely to be for new technologies not existing ones and there are very few really new technologies in this book. However the water world setting is where the similarities end. Osiris is a semi submerged city set somewhere in the southern Antarctic seas.

    Half the residents are the original founders and their descendants living a privileged life of luxury and the other half are segregated refugees starving, freezing and brutalised. Making this a relevant comparison for any current conflict where the haves and have nots are forcibly separated by little more than a wall one current conflict springs painfully to mind.