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This means that patients can remain at work and continue with their daily lives while receiving treatment as outpatients. The reason why particle beam therapy is thought of as being easy on patients is not only because the treatment results in less physical stress, but also because it allows patients to go about their daily lives. The proton therapy system that Hitachi developed jointly with Hokkaido University Hospital has two main features.

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The first is that it can deal with parts of the body that are in continuous motion. Depending on where they are located, cancers can move around not only due to respiration, heartbeat, or intestinal activity, but also as a result of emotional reactions such as tension or anxiety.

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While the past practice for dealing with this movement was to broaden the target region, it is now possible to use a technique called tumor-tracking that monitors the movement of the target site during radiotherapy and is able, as its name suggests, to track these movements. The second feature of the proton therapy system is its ability to deal with a variety of treatment shapes and sizes.

The shapes of cancerous organs or other body parts vary in size and location. Spot scanning radiotherapy was developed to deal with this.

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Using a tightly focused proton beam and scanning it over the treatment site enables the beam to be better concentrated on the target location. This represents an advancement in proton beam therapy as the combination of tumor-tracking and spot scanning techniques enables the radiotherapy to conform to the shape of the treatment site, even if it moves due to respiration or other bodily function.

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  5. Hiroki Shirato, head of the Proton Beam Therapy Center at Hokkaido University Hospital, comments that, "It has been said for some time that spot scanning would become a standard practice for proton beam therapy. Unfortunately, there were difficulties with targeting the beam at organs that move due to respiration or other reasons.

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    We have been able to deal with these difficulties, however, through our joint research with Hitachi while also engaging with them in ongoing dialogue on the role of proton beam therapy throughout the healthcare industry. Utilizing the Latest Technologies for Patient-friendly Treatments-- Hitachi will continue to drive healthcare innovation to help create a world in which people everywhere can enjoy healthy lives. Hiroyuki Itami Hitachi,Ltd. This was followed in by the introduction of a spot scanning irradiation technology that was the first in the world to be approved for sale by the U.

    We were confident in our ability to accelerate and control particle beams. Following the installation of a proton beam therapy system at University of Tsukuba Hospital, the first such facility in Japan to be located on a hospital site, our system was chosen for installation at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, a world-class specialist cancer clinic.

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    Despite our limited experience with particle beam therapy systems, they were prepared to place their full trust in the assorted technologies that Hitachi had built up over time. The project initially involved three treatment rooms equipped with conventional particle beam therapy, with an additional spot scanning treatment room to be added subsequently.

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    Small Cell Lung Cancer: Have We Made Any Progress Over the Last 25 Years?

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