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Because these books freakily enough do look a great deal like the inside of my head.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll - Full AudioBook - Listen, Read, & Relax

One comment about your request to try to include more diversity: I considered it pretty seriously, as I am Latina and that kind of thing matters a lot to me. In terms of Hispanic or Latino literature, that is. Everything I came up with, including books by Julia Alvarez, Margarita Engle and Pam Munoz Ryan felt good, but perhaps not quite good enough for my top I realized that almost all the books that I look to as inspiring examples of Latino culture and experience are by adult or YA authors, which I thought was interesting.

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Just an observation. Not so much? Can we infer something from that, good or bad? Folks were voting for this book long before the Burton ads reached their peak. People just love them some Alice.

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And how can I object? I love her too. Foul play, cry the masses. Two books as one? Considering that half the time these books are packaged together as one, I felt few qualms putting them together. Most of the votes were for the two of them anyway, so what does it matter really? Since Alice Liddell begged him to write down the saga, he did so and chose Lewis Carroll as his pen name.

University of California at Berkeley Professor Alison Gopnik summarizes one of the charms of the book quite well.

Alice's Adventures

And maybe you could join the Lewis Carroll Society here in America. I wonder if their numbers have spiked recently. Most objections point out that when he took photographs of Alice it was always with grown-ups present and with the permission of the family. Also, the Victorians were just weird. Not just this guy. I keep putting that graphic novel out for folks to look at and it gets snatched up double quick time! It would be a touch difficult to show every Alice cover in creation. Here then is a nice smattering to give you a taste of the whole.

This is but a small sampling of the whole. There are lots of movie versions of Alice too, so how to choose? Lorina, Edith and especially Alice were happy about the magical stories that the young tutor could tell them, so their parents agreed with their rather regular gatherings cf. Kleinspehn 47 ff. Yet, his love and affection for the three Liddell-sisters in general and for Alice in particular is not only expressed in the same name of his favorite child-friend and the protagonist in his most famous tale.

It was Alice who asked her adult-friend to write down all the curious tales. Dodgson therefore thought out an entire adventure about little Alice in the wonderful land inhabited by talking animals and marvelous beings.

He planned on writing it out and giving it to the real Alice as a Christmas present the same year. Kleinspehn 50 ff. Carroll xiii under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. By then he had changed the original manuscript in many ways, edited and added, shortened and modified it to make it appealing for the public. In that way he removed certain sequences, for instance, that directly referred to experiences connecting Carroll with the Liddell-sisters and which would hence most certainly only be understood by the attendees of their meetings.

He wanted to fulfill the expectations and peak the interest of other readers, too cf. Gardner Even though his pen name already existed in , when Carroll was named tutor at Christ Church College and met Alice Liddell for the first time cf. Liede For all that he did not refrain from alluding to the real life ideals that inspired his story.

Already he indicates references to the three sisters. Gardner f. The poem positioned ahead of the first chapter in Through the Looking-Glass as well as the poem with which the author closes this adventure likewise recall the boat trip. Even though the second book Through the Looking-Glass was inspired by another Alice, namely Alice Raikes [3] in cf. Kleinspehn 81 f. Supplementary to the mere reminiscence of the boat expedition, Carroll here uses literary means to remind of his favorite child-friend.

LG Alice, who has just fallen into a world dissimilar to her own, starts to cry at the rapid changes of her size. Because of her momentary huge body height her tears form a great puddle of water. As she shrinks again she can manage to swim through the waters when she makes acquaintance with a number of animals cf.

It was high time to go, for the pool was getting quite crowded with birds and animals that had fallen into it: there was a Duck and a Dodo, a Lory and an Eaglet, and several other curious creatures.

Alice led the way and the whole party swam to the shore. The characters presented in this episode allude to the participants of the boat trip in the summer of and therefore to real life models. The capitalization of the rather biological identification of their species adds to this allusion as it makes them actual personalities instead of merely animals.

The Dodo personifies Dodgson himself, as the similarity between the two names suggests cf. Gardner 28, Hildebrandt He could only abdicate this speech disorder, a severe stutter, in the presence of children. His stammer is reckoned to be the chief cause for his language awareness that he regularly expresses in his works cf. Kleinspehn 18 f.

The Lory stands for the oldest of the Liddell-sisters, Lorina.

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This is made clear in the following extract:. Indeed, she [Alice, J. The reference to the Lory being older than Alice furthermore serves as proof of that thesis. The Eaglet thus personifies Edith, the smallest and youngest sister cf. Gardner ibid. AW VII Gardner 80, Hildebrandt The author met Alice Raikes in when visiting his uncle cf. Kleinspehn describes the first encounter as follows:.

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In addition to his private life and the regular meetings with his little girl friends, the writer alludes to his work life, too. In , Carroll registered in Oxford, where his father had gone to school as well. He enrolled in mathematics, but also in theology and classic literature. After achieving his first academic examination at Christ Church College in Oxford in , Carroll started teaching mathematics cf. Die Schule ist Dodgsons Welt. Thus, a certain bonding with this systematic entity at the university cf.

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Kleinspehn 30 does not seem astonishing. In the chapters about the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon cf. According to the ancient lore, gryphons are mythical creatures whose body is that of a lion but who have the head and front claws of an eagle cf.