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The Ultimate Business Dictionary provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of key business terminology and concepts available. Containing definitions of more than six thousand entries, The Ultimate Business Dictionary reflects the globalization of English as the lingua franca of business, and offers several unique features, including translations of all terms into Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish Castilian and Latin American ; abbreviations, acronyms, and slang; concise biographical profiles of key business thinkers and leaders; listings of international stock exchanges and trade organizations; and a section on finance and accounting terms and ratios.

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Visit Seller's Storefront. Please contact me if you are not satisfied with your order in any manner. I always list book by ISBN only and buyer is assured of correct edition, correct author and correct format of book. Name of your business and form of legal entity: Ami Ventures Inc. Orders usually ship within 1 business days. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required. This publication looks to provide a bigger picture view of the impact and future of financial regulation in the EU, exploring the relationship between microeconomic incentives and macroeconomic growth, regulation and financial integration, and the changes required in economic policy to further European integration.

A guide to the financial technology revolution for entrepreneurs, bankers and investors with information required to capitalise on this market. Reference work looking at the issue of globalization from the economic, international business, political, legal and environmental perspectives. The fundamental concepts and analytical techniques of management accounting for the hospitality industry. A collection of the latest global management and business thinking summarised into straight forward and understandable language.

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This title looks at how corporate culture, leadership style, strategy, incentives, and management systems can be structured to encourage breakthroughs. This book presents a business-oriented process for the development and implementation of risk prediction scorecards. Credit scoring is now a very common tool used by banks, Telcos, and others around the world for loan origination, decisioning, credit limit management, collections management, cross selling, and many other decisions.

A how-to manual to quickly and effectively put a successful program of internal controls in place. Complete with flowcharts and checklists, this essential desktop reference is a best practices model for establishing and enhancing your organization's control framework.

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The handbook provides data and guidance that will enable you to assess risk and to develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale. This title explores the essential concepts used within the field of Critical Management Studies and is intended as an introduction and as a quick reference tool. Glossary of terms and concepts from business and engineering approaches to innovation, covering areas such as product development, design and creativity.

Guide to the key concepts of organization theory - theories about the design and functioning of organizations.


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A practical guide to writing a business case. It is written for anyone, novice or expert, who needs to produce a business case, whether for a defined project or a broader programme. A complete guide to the process and profession of internal auditing. The 6th edition of this title is also available from our Ebook Central subscription.

This book takes the form of a point practical manifesto arguing that the fast-changing financial services world urgently needs to rethink the whole of its approach to marketing. The thirteen chapters look at the key components of the new approach. Over entries on sociological issues combining the essential history of the discipline with the latest intellectual thought.

A useful reference work for new concepts in socio-economic theory, organisational behaviour and cultural issues. The book is aimed at students, teachers and general readers. This publication gives guidance for anyone responsible for or advising on an enterprise risk management process ERM , This resource will help ensure the ERM process is well designed, well executed, and ultimately successful. Provides illustrative examples, best practices, and guidance for implementing or assessing an enterprise risk management process. This book charts how sustainable investing has involved, what impact it has today, and what prospects are emerging for the years ahead.

This work contains summaries of books that have influenced management thinking from the twentieth century. This title aims to help determine a company's value, what drives it, and how to enhance value during a merger or acquisition. This edition includes new chapters on fairness opinions and professional services firms. The handbook is designed to aid finance professionals in estimating the cost of equity capital and establishing hurdle rates for investment projects.

Aimed at managers of small-to-medium size companies SMEs interested in establishing a partner-based export business. A guide for young professionals entering the world of work on professional ethics. Guidance on ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Terms of use: You are permitted to access, download, copy, or print out content from eBooks for your own research or study only, subject to the terms of use set by our suppliers and any restrictions imposed by individual publishers.

Please see individual supplier pages for full terms of use. Skip to content. Home Library Library collection eBooks eBooks on business strategy and planning. A to Z of corporate social responsibility 2nd edition An easy-to-use guide to the rapidly expanding field of corporate social responsibility. Accounting and business valuation methods: how to interpret IFRS accounts A detailed guide to the different methods of ascertaining the value of a business. Accounting and finance for your small business A guide to help small business owners through all of the key accounting and financial information required to operate a small business.

Accounting and finance policies and procedures Policies and procedures are the foundation of internal controls for organizations, this book enables you to hit the ground running and significantly accelerate your completion of a solid policies and procedures program. This book provides sample documents can be personalised and customised to meet your company's needs Accounting control best practices How to develop a comprehensive system of accounting and operational controls. Accounts payable and Sarbanes Oxley Looks at the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how accounts payable functions can strengthen their internal controls.

Achieving excellence in management: identifying and learning from bad practices Explores the practice of good management with guidance on how an individual can improve his or her own management understanding and performance. All about investing Provides inexperienced investors with what they need to know to get started.

Anyone can do it: building Coffee Republic from our kitchen table Takes the reader step by step through every aspect of starting and growing a business. Art of successful information systems outsourcing, The Provides advice for dealing with information systems outsourcing on a practical level. As I was saying Observations on international business and trade policy, exports, education, and the future As the world turns Observations on international business and policy, going international and transitions. Assessing and mitigating business risks in India Explores the business opportunities offered by India and the challenges and risks involved.

Assessment methods in recruitment selection and performance A manager's guide to psychometric testing, interviews and assessment centres. Auditing for managers: the ultimate risk management tool Guide to help managers and their teams set standards for self-auditing, risk management, compliance review, and formal disclosure reporting. Auditing the risk management process Guide to auditing the risk management process, including developments in risk management which are relevant to auditors. Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics : Maintaining Maximum Performance A step-by-step guide to analysing the effectiveness of an organisation's balanced scorecard and ensuring it is operating at maximum performance.

Better business decisions using cost modeling Discusses the benefits of using cost modeling for procurement, operations, and supply chain professionals. Born global firms Helps managers and scholars understand companies which are part of the born-global phenomenon. Bridging the culture gap A practical guide to international business communication. Building a resilient organisation How to build a prosperous and sustainable business.

Building organizational capacity for change: the leader's new mandate Book seeking to assist leaders in building organisational capacity for change. Building strategy and performance through time: the critical path Aims to help managers quickly understand the underlying causes of strategic challenges so that they can take action to improve performance. Business French dictionary Covers the main areas of day-to-day business usage. Business accounting: volume 2 10th edition A textbook for students on bookkeeping and accounting.

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Business accounting: volume 2 13th edition A textbook for students on bookkeeping and accounting. Business and the beautiful game A guide to how you can apply the skills and passion of football to be a winner in business. Business continuity strategies A practical guide to protecting against unplanned disasters.

Business ethics and values Introduces students to the complexities and principles of ethical issues.

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Business ethics: a case study approach Explores issues relating to ethics and ethical behavior in organisations Business ethics: the ethical revolution of minority shareholders Looks at why and how companies do not act ethically towards their minority shareholders. Business goes virtual: realizing the value of collaboration, social and virtual strategies A collection of best practices derived from case studies of real virtual business successes.

Business insights China: practical advice on operational strategy and risk management 2nd edition Provides practical advice on setting up and managing business in China. Business intelligence: making decisions through data analytics A guide on how to apply data warehousing and data analytics to support business decision making. Business plans that work A guide for small businesses to writing a successful business plan. Business process management and the balanced scorecard Shows managers how to optimally use the balanced scorecard to achieve strategic success.

Business: the ultimate resource A wide-ranging resource offering practical and strategic advice for anyone doing business today. CFO insights: enabling high performance through leading practices for finance ERP Examines the end-to-end business processes that enable leading practices in finance. Capstone encyclopaedia of business A guide to people, principles and concepts of the modern business world. Change 2. Changing your group structures Looks at the challenges involved in corporate restructuring, recapitalisation and large-scale change management.