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In a very fine effort to optimize the structure of the dye, Zhongquan Wan, Chunyang Jia etal, cited below, investigated effect of different linker moieties in the dye structure on the efficiency and overall working of the solar cell.

The 3 different linker moieties investigated were benzene, thiophene and furan. They not only successfully synthesized dyes with different linker moieties but also calculated the working efficiency and performance of the cell.

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They reported that furan as linker moiety works best as compared to other 2 linkers. Also they successfully reported synthesis of star-burst shaped dyes which reduces aggregation between the dye molecules giving rise to better performance of the cell. This high impact study will certainly contribute to make this green DSSC technology more efficient and hence commercialized.


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Phenothiazine—triphenylamine based organic dyes containing various conjugated linkers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells. Also most of our books are being made available in e-book format.

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Life gets in the way sometimes with aging parents, local politics and family matters. GJ has been working on a Historical mystery.

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Sharon has painted a great deal as writing had been very difficult due to family commitments. She has published several short stories, and a child's picture book and had five Mediaeval Japanese short stories ready for an anthology.

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What do authors G. Berger and J. Rowling have in common besides abbreviated names?